We have a monthly budget for our phone, gym, tv, music etc…

Why should vehicles be any different?

After all, why buy a depreciating asset which is going to require a bigger deposit and cost you more per month? If you knew your home was certain to drop in value would you have taken out a mortgage?

Simple answer is NO – we would all rent/lease.

Why Lease Your Next Car?

Here are some of the main benefits of leasing your next car.

Lower Monthly

Vehicle Leasing has quickly become one of the most popular routes to obtaining a new car or van for both personal and business use.


Lease agreements are completely flexible. You can choose to put down as little as 1 monthly payment as your initial deposit. Cheaper than an HP!

Brand New Car
Every Time

As payments are more affordable with leasing, you can change your car every 2, 3 or 4 years and it's always for a new model!

It's Easy &

The internet has completely changed the world. We are one click away from buying pretty much anything we want. Choosing your next car is just as simple.


We've all heard the old saying... you lose 5 grand as soon as you drive your car out of the showroom. Well, it's a true statement give or take a grand or 2!

Advantages for

On commercial vehicles you can claim 100% of the VAT back on your rentals. 50% can be claimed back on cars. Find out how much you can claim back today.

Full Maintenance

Full maintenance packages can be added to your lease; which will cover all servicing, tyres, brakes, wiper blades, bulbs etc. This means you can have one single payment that will cover the whole cost of your car. One payment for all.

Knowing Your

You choose your deposit then pay your set monthly payments until the end of the contract. In the unfortunate event something goes wrong with the car you have the manufacturer's warranty to fall back on.

End Of Contract
No Need to Sell

No selling to tyre kickers or poor trade-in values. Leasing takes all of this away. You don't own the car, you just hand it back. Your new car is lined up and waiting so it's just a case of jumping out of the old and into the new. Easy.

Why Choose CARMERCIAL Leasing

Here are some of the reasons why our clients love us!


Our service speaks for itself

Nothing speaks as loudly than continuously delivering at a high level. It shows we have a well-established process and can manage whatever is thrown at us. It shows we can effectively offer finance solutions to suit you; whether it’s for one vehicle or a fleet of 100. How do we know our service speaks for itself? Our customers tell us. Not only that, they keep coming back for more.

Here's What Our Ideal Client Looks Like


Your family.

Your company.

We can source and fund vehicles of any value for both private individuals and business customers. Every customer is important to us and will get the red-carpet treatment from start to finish. Our finance options are completely flexible allowing us to tailor an individual package to suit you. We don’t have an ideal client – you’re all ideal clients.

Ask Our Clients

When asked, Why should we lease from you over everyone else? our answer is simple: Don't ask us, ask our clients. We are confident enough in what we do to put you in touch with clients who have used our services. Sure, you can read all the good reviews we have received but if you want more reassurance; we're more than happy to put you in touch with an existing customer with similar vehicles.


Are you looking for what we deliver?

If it's exceptional serivce and a long-term customer relationship, then we're the Leasing Company you can rely on. Referral/Repeat business is incredibly important to us and we wouldn't have it if we didn't deliver!


You're Not Just Another Client To Us

We are a small family owned business in a world of corporate giants. That doesn’t mean we can’t hold our own though! The big guys tend to be tied to their own finance houses, we’re not. They're often resticted to ordering vehicles through their own dealerships, we’re not. We have access to more funding solutions, special offers and can order a vehicle from anywhere we like to ensure you get the best deal. From start to finish you will only deal with us. An employee in a corporate giant won’t have the same passion and commitment in gaining your business as we do.


Are We The Right 'Fit' For You?

Why do we ask? Simple. Vehicles are usually one of the most expensive monthly payments that you will have. For businesses with a large fleet, this can be a massive monthly outgoing. Motor finance options can be confusing and like a lot of sales orientated industries, there are sharks in the water that you need to watch out for. Most of our customers return to us, year on year, as we have become their “car guy”. We listen to our customers’ needs, offer honest advice and provide solutions. If you are looking for someone you can trust; then we are the right fit for you.

We Work Harder (And Can Prove It)

Our website may state our opening hours as Monday to Friday, 8.30-5.30 but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here if you need anything outside of these times. Try getting the hold of an employee of a large firm on their day or evening off! We are CARMERCIAL and we are here at ANY time you need us. We appreciate that we are in a business where relationships are the focus and foundation. Having this understanding is how we’ve been able to not only win over but to foster loyalty with so many clients. Our Principal, Paddy, will regularly be replying to emails, texts and social media messages late into the night and throughout the weekend because your business matters to us and we want to help.


We're Experts In our field

We know what we’re doing; plain and simple. We know our vehicles and we know our finance. When we first meet you our objective is to get to know you; your needs, your wants and wishes when it comes to vehicle choices. This applies to both private and business customers. We will listen to you and ensure we provide suitable and competitive options that are well tailored to your needs. If we look after your business- you look after ours!



We're a modern company with modern thinking

Cars aren’t just cars anymore. Vehicle Technology is advancing rapidly. It’s not just gadgets inside the car, it’s also how the car will run. Hybrid, Full Electric and even Hydrogen powered vehicles are all available on the market with many more options on the way. For businesses - choosing the correct vehicles can not only provide great tax benefits for the company but for the driver too. At Carmercial we are constantly moving with the times and we will ensure we do our best to help you move with it too when it comes to your fleet.




We love what we do

It’s true; we are passionate about what we do. Principle Paddy McVeigh gained his extensive industry experience working for a fellow leasing company. Paddy is extremely committed to meeting his clients needs and this was evident in the substantial and loyal customer base he had built up. With a keen interest in the finance industry and the experience and knowledge of how to do things right; Paddy took the plunge and set up CARMERCIAL Leasing. As a self confessed ‘petrol-head’ Paddy has a genuine interest in working in the motor trade and loves helping others shop for their dream cars as much as his own. At CARMERCIAL we get a real buzz from seeing our happy customers drive away in their new cars. Making you happy makes us happy!





What Our Clients Say

A selection of what our customers have to say after they get their new car from Carmercial leasing.

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