June 2020

Jenna Harkin

“Made the process so easy for me as a customer” – Jenna Harkin Introduction Jenna had been following us on social media and had also got referred to us through friends and family. They were expecting their 3rd child and need to get a larger family car. Jenna hadn’t leased before but her husband Ciaran […]

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Joe Mullan

“1st class service 10/10” – Joe Mullan Introduction Having dealt with Joe previously on a pick-up truck for his business – Joker Tattoo Belfast, it was great to get another call a year or so later for a second vehicle. This time it was a car for his wife. Joe is very much in to

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Alex Young

“Easiest purchasing of a car I have ever experienced” – Alex Young Introduction Alex had got in touch after hearing the good work we were doing. Her last two cars had been convertibles which she loved. The last one she owned for 5 years and although the car was low mileage and great to drive,

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Megan McCullough

“I am absolutely delighted with my new car” – Megan McCullough Introduction After passing her test, Megan shared a car with her sister for a year or two. Eventually the time came to get her dream first car – a MINI!! Having never financed a car before she wasn’t sure whether to go for a

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John Rafferty

“Enthusiastic and friendly service” – John Rafferty Introduction Word-of-mouth is a great way for us to obtain new clients and reassures us we are doing a good job. Happy customers then refer friends, family and colleagues. John was introduced to us by one of our customers. John hadn’t leased a car before but was aware

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Kirk Dumigan

“The service was fantastic from start to finish” – Kirk Dumigan Introduction Kirk is a local business owner in Bangor and got to know Paddy as one of his own customers. After chatting in the shop one day, Kirk broke the news that they were due their first child and were in the market for

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Spectrum Employment Solutions

“Nothing is too much trouble for Paddy” Con Gallagher – Spectrum Employment Solutions Introduction Paddy started out in the leasing industry working for a different company. In that time he built up a good customer bank with great people who he became friendly with. When he left to set up his own company – CARMERCIAL

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Hilary and Mark McGuckin

“Paddy beat the big dealerships hands down and by an impressive margin” Introduction Hilary and Mark McGuckin had been looking for a 7 seater vehicle to accommodate their family and were struggling to find a solution that worked within their monthly repayment budget. Hilary had heard of PCP Car Finance  from friends and family, so

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Carol mcewan

Introduction Carol loved her old Hyundai i10 but unfortunately its small size became an issue. With several grandkids in car seats it was time to get something bigger. Not only that, her daughter had expressed concerns about the safety of such a small car with kids on board. Carol got in touch with Carmercial Leasing

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