July 2020

Fleet tracking from Visiontrakz

Visiontrakz – Fleet Tracking & Management Visiontrakz Fleet Consulting. Working in partnership with Carmercial Leasing Covering all aspects of fleet management, we offer an open-source platform that can be fully tailored to suit each customer and fleet size,with easy to use reporting and a full APP available on android and IOS. Driver management; check in […]

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Company Fuel Card Explained

The Fuel Card Explained Company cars usually come with a fuel card but quite often this can cost you more money than actually paying for your own fuel. If you use your company car and fuel card for both business and personal use, you will be liable to Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax on both.

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Benefit in Kind Explained

Benefit in Kind (BIK) For most company car drivers BIK will be a term they are familiar with but not necessarily one they understand. The one thing we know for certain is that Mr. Taxman has taken a chunk of our pay each month and we don’t like it! Benefits in Kind are perks or

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Jennifer Mitchell

“Super deal on the car I always wanted” – Chris Wilson – Streamvale Open Farm Introduction Jenny knew Paddy from 15-20 years ago but hadn’t seen each other in a long time. From following CARMERCIAL Leasing on social media she was aware of what we do and kept seeing the amazing deals we were offering.

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Streamvale Farm

“Super deal on the car I always wanted” – Chris Wilson – Streamvale Open Farm Introduction Chris runs the fabulous Streamvale Farm in Dundonald. As well as having an open farm for visitors, it is also a working farm. With a lot of staff and a lot of animals to look after, Chris is a

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Fergus Donnelly

“Paddy was able to save the day” – Fergus Donnelly Introduction Fergus was referred to us by one of our customers we have a Mercedes glc amg line on order for. We got introduced through email and followed up with a phone call. Fergus’s car was coming to the end of its lease and he

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John Roulston

“Great experience at a fantastic price” – John Roulston Introduction John and his wife have been customers of Paddy for a number of years now. Claire was in a lovely Range Rover Evoque and John was coming to the end of his BMW X5 lease. This prompted him to pick up the phone and call

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Ian Black Consulting

“Everything went as smooth as can be” – Jeff Alderdice – Ian Black Consulting Ltd Introduction Paddy had dealt with Ian Black Consulting several years before when Jeff and Adrian’s company cars were due a change. Both were keen to lower their Benefit In Kind tax and in the end they each got a Mitsubishi

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Vision Trakz

“I would highly recommend Paddy to anyone” – Steve Morrison – Vision Trakz Introduction Steve had recently got a vw golf r lease through us on one of our stock offers. The cars were priced very competitively and Steve was happy with the service he received. So, when the time came to get a new work

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Chris McCaffrey

“Excellent service” – Chris McCaffrey Introduction Chris and Louise were due their third child. Both had small(ish) cars but had coped with the first two kids. When no.3 arrives they know it won’t work. Chris got on the phone and called CARMERCIAL Leasing to see if we had any 7 seater car lease deals that

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