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Audi Q5 Lease Deals

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Audi recently launched a revised 2021 version of their popular mid-sized SUV – the Q5. It isn’t a full new model, more of a midlife facelift which benefits from the following updates…

• Updated front end with new grille
• New and improved infotainment system
• More equipment as standard
• Updated engines with mild-hybrid systems
• And, unfortunately and updated price of +£800 over its predecessor!

CARMERCIAL Leasing were able to get their hands on one for a quick blast up the Ards peninsula to put it through its paces.
The Audi Q5 was first launched back in 2008. A facelift followed in 2012 and the first-generation model continued production until 2017 when it made way for the second generation which is now a more familiar sight on our roads. This brings us to the 2021 facelift model we are conducting our review on.

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The Engine

The Q5 comes in both petrol and diesel engines. The most popular being the 40tdi which is a 2.0 diesel producing 204ps and 400Nm of torque. Audi quote a 0-62mph time of 7.6 seconds and a top speed of 137mph which should be plenty for most drivers.

If you prefer a petrol engine, you can opt for the more powerful 45tfsi which is also a 2.0 but produces 265ps. The extra power makes it good for 149mph and 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds.

Audi recently brought out a hybrid known as the Q5 TFSI e which comes with an even more powerful ‘50’ engine producing 299ps. This will be one for company car drivers to watch out for but we’ll come back to that later on!

Top of the range sits the SQ5 with a 3.0 diesel engine producing a whopping 341ps! Electronically limited to 155mph but will rocket you to 62mph in only 5.1 seconds! We really really want a drive in this one!!!

Each of the engines above comes as a Quattro (4wd) and with an S Tronic (Auto) gearbox. Clearly not enough interest for a 2wd manual anymore!

So, what is the engine like to drive?

Keyless start fires it up like any other diesel SUV but I did think it was quite a quiet engine compared to some other diesels I’d driven.

Like any auto-box, you have various settings you can adjust to suit your driving style. Eco, Comfort and Sport modes. For everyday driving the Comfort mode is what most will use. You will get a good mix of power and economy without the car feeling too revvy as it does in Sport mode. I never feel the Sport setting does much for diesel SUV’s or any diesel for that matter unless it’s mated to something a bit more power but hey ho, it’s there if you want it.

You can drive the car in full-auto mode or if you want to have a little more fun, you can try out the flappy paddles for semi-automatic gear changes. I find using the paddles does make the car seem a little quicker than in auto but I’d guess few people use them for general driving, if at all.

As with most Audi’s, the drive is incredibly smooth and gear changes are barely noticeable. Steering is light and there doesn’t seem to be too much body roll, especially when driving up these twisty coastal roads.

The Audi Q5 is definitely a nice car to drive!

What about MPG’s and running costs?

The 40tdi will be the pick of the bunch as it will be the easiest to run with a claimed WLTP combined consumption of 42.2 – 44.8 mpg.

The 45tfsi loses just over 10mpg with a combined figure of 31.7 – 33.6 mpg. Even with it’s much more powerful engine, the SQ5 can better this with 33.2 – 34.4 mpg thanks to its diesel set up.

Lastly, and try not to laugh – Audi claims the hybrid will do 176.6 – 188.3 mpg! Crazy figures but hybrids largely rely on drivers constantly plugging them in and driving them on electric only for most of the time. We all know this usually isn’t possible so take this with a pinch of salt!

Servicing costs won’t be the cheapest if servicing through a main dealer but they shouldn’t be any worse than any of its competitors. Higher powered variants will inevitably cost more to maintain so bear that in mind when budgeting for your new Q5!

CARMERCIAL’s thoughts…. The 40tdi should be grand for most and it drives and performs well. However, sometimes I feel the Q5 would do well with a 6-cylinder motor slotted in-between the 40tdi and the SQ5. Maybe I’m just being greedy with the horsepower?!

Benefit In Kind Tax (BIK)

Quite often company car drivers will look at this size of SUV as a company car. However, rising BIK costs are either making people look elsewhere or to alternative engine choices.

Government incentives have made hybrid and electric vehicles a more attractive option for those driving company vehicles. Full electric cars incur Zero BIK tax in the 2020/21 tax year and only 1% in 21/22 and 2% the year after that. Petrol and diesels cars are being edged out it may seem but let’s have a look at some figures.

BIK - Diesel Vs. Petrol/ Electric hybrid

Below we have shown the difference of two Q5’s – The most common 40tdi and the new petrol electric plug-in hybrid.

P11d Value £44,905 £53,480
Percentage Charge 37% 13%
Benefit in Kind £16,615 £6,952
Tax payable at 20% £3,323 £1,390
Tax payable at 40% £6,646 £2,781
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So, what this tells us is that a 20% income tax earner can expect to pay £3,323/ year in BIK tax on the 40tdi compared to £1,390/ year on the hybrid. To break that down in to a monthly figure, it equates to £276.92/m Vs. £115.83/m. Twice this for someone in the 40% bracket…£553.84/m Vs. £231.66/m.

WOW – BIG SAVINGS to be had by the driver then as the hybrid will tax you less than half as much as the diesel! And it’s got more power!

Our tagline is #DriveSmart and doing so can save you (and your business) a lot of money by choosing the correct company car. It may seem confusing but we’re here to help advise you on what options are available and what is best suited to your needs.

CARMERCIAL’s thoughts…. When it comes to Benefit in Kind tax, Full Electric cars win the battle by quite a margin. Plug-in Hybrids comes in 2nd place and the more traditional diesel and petrol variants lag behind. The Q5 50tfsi e is the winner hands down for the company car!

The Specs

The Q5 comes in several levels of trim starting with the Sport and then S Line models. These tend to be the most popular and most affordable of the bunch. The Edition 1 is pretty much a Black Edition (from the pre-facelift cars) and adds some sporty styling upgrades. The Vorsprung is the top trim level which basically gets every extra you can think of. We have never ever done a Vorsprung in any Audi… as they’re bloody expensive! I struggle to see where the value is in them!

The hybrid gets all of the above with the addition of a Competition and Competition Vorsprung at the top end. Expect these to be pricey too!

The SQ5 is pretty much its own spec although you can go crazy and spec it as a Vorsprung as well, if you can afford it.

CARMERCIAL’s thoughts…. The Sport will in most cases be your cheapest way in to Q5 ownership. However, as with many leasing offers, quite often S Lines or possibly even Edition 1’s can make the ‘offers’ meaning you can bag yourself a bargain. The S line is where you get a nice blend of spec at a sensible price. As always, blinging it up looks the part but can get pricey!

The Exterior

The Q5 isn’t a bad looking SUV. It’s probably more subtle and not in your face but it offers nice lines and curves and is a smart looking wagon.

Sport models do look a bit more basic but the S Line with its body kit and bigger wheels looks a bit more appealing. My only qualm (and it’s one I have with many cars on the road these days) is that it could do with slightly bigger wheels. Cars are getting bigger and bigger meaning they are constantly need bigger wheels to fill the arches. I wouldn’t say they look too small but the 20’s do sit better on the car.

CARMERCIAL’s thoughts…. Nice looking SUV that looks smart but more understated and not as ‘in your face’ as some other on the road. Styling is spot on and I especially like the front end on these.

The Interior

On the inside you get upgraded S line sports seats which are half leather/ half alcantara. Strangely the Sport model below it gets full leather seats but in the S Line you’ll have to add it as an optional extra. From our experience, a lot of people would rather have full leather so why did Audi do this? I guess we’ll never know but personally I like the S-line seats. Well finished and comfortable to sit in.

Thew digital dash and central screens are a nice addition to modernise the cabin and bring it inline with other Audi models.

The plastics and other materials used on the dash and trims are all of the high quality you’d expect from the German manufacturer but the piano black inlays can be hard to keep clean.

CARMERCIAL’s thoughts…. Audis in general are well put together and finished cars. The cabin is a nice place to be and everything feels like it should. The seats are comfortable and this is a car you could do some serious miles in.

Options & Accessories

In a lot of cars now you’ll find that they offer spec levels more so than options. However, each spec level will allow you to add options if you wish. We’d always suggest trying out the online configurators on the manufacturer’s websites and having a play about with specs. Prices can rise quickly if you get carried away!

CARMERCIAL’s thoughts…. First off choose a spec level and see if it matches what you’re after. If you have to add a lot of options, it may be worth pricing a spec up instead as quite often it will work out cheaper. We are happy to advise on specs and help you find your dream car!

Our Verdict

The Audi Q5 has been an incredibly successful mid-size SUV for those wanting that German build quality and premium badge at a more sensible price.

Quite often there will be special lease offers running on these cars which puts them in a price bracket of less premium marques so it’s worth chatting to us about what’s on offer.

In short, the Q5 is a great driving, solidly built and attract SUV. It’s worth a look if you’re after this type of thing.

CARMERCIAL Leasing can source and fund any make and model of car or light commercial vehicle. We use a wide range of finance house and dealerships to find you the best deals in the market.

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