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Skoda Octavia Leasing Deals

Looking to Lease the Skoda Octavia? Play Video The level of improvement in the materials and styling of the new Octavia is great to see.  I recently took out the VRS Octavia and as you can see in the video above Skoda have improved their game! The VRS comes with all of the technology that […]

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Electric Car Leasing

Electric Car Leasing Thinking of leasing an electric car or van?  Are you a business who is considering changing your fleet to electric? It’s a question we are starting to hear more often – should I get an electric car?  Many businesses are also looking at their carbon footprint to work out if now is

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Audi Q5 Lease Deals

Audi Q5 Lease Deals Play Video Audi recently launched a revised 2021 version of their popular mid-sized SUV – the Q5. It isn’t a full new model, more of a midlife facelift which benefits from the following updates… • Updated front end with new grille • New and improved infotainment system • More equipment as

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Golf R Lease | Review

Golf R Lease Play Video We recently test drove the mighty Mk7.5 VW Golf R. With the new Mk8 R about to hit the roads, we wanted to have one last blast before we do our review on the new version. The Mk6 Golf R was launched back in 2009 following on from the R32

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Jaguar I Pace Review

Jaguar Ipace Lease Play Video We recently test drove Jaguar’s only full electric (EV) car – the I-Pace EV400. In this article we will provide an honest and unbiased review on the car. The Jaguar I-Pace was launched back in March 2018 when it had very little competition in the EV market. 2021 tells a

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Business Car Leasing

Business Car Leasing In the same way that personal car leasing schemes have come to dominate the way people buy their cars, business car leasing is becoming a favourite option because of the cost-savings, tax benefits and the opportunity to drive a new car every couple of years or so. Why buy a company car?

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Van Leasing NI

Leading the way in independent Van Leasing NI Choosing your new van and speccing it to your requirments is often the easy part. With a range of finance products now available, selecting the correct funding option for you and your business can be the tricky bit. If you are considering Van Leasing in NI then

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Car Leasing Belfast

Leading the way in independent car leasing around Belfast The popularity and variety of car leasing options continue to rise rapidly due to the many benefits offered. If you are considering car leasing in Belfast, this guide will help explain some of these benefits. Two of the biggest attractions cited by our customers are low

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