benefits of electric car leasing
benefits of electric car leasing

Thinking of leasing an electric car or van?  Are you a business who is considering changing your fleet to electric?

It’s a question we are starting to hear more often – should I get an electric car?  Many businesses are also looking at their carbon footprint to work out if now is the right time to start changing their commercial fleet to electric.  From Volkswagen to Tesla, Peugeot to BMW, all the big manufacturers are rolling out their electric options – and that includes both cars and vans.  With increasing numbers of electric vehicles on the road in Northern Ireland and across the UK, now is definitely the time to consider your options before automatically looking to your next diesel or petrol vehicle.  Here’s a few benefits to electric car leasing:

  1. Worried about the initial costs?  Think about leasing an electric vehicle rather than buying.

Many people see the initial cost of an electric vehicles and immediately turn away to opt for diesel or petrol.  It’s important not to just focus on the initial cost, but to look at all the options including buying or leasing and running/maintenance costs.  For starters, if you are leasing an electric vehicle, the monthly costs of your lease can actually end up being very similar to a diesel/petrol vehicle.  Both options require an initial payment and then, like all leases, it’s up to you what make and model you want to choose and how much you want to spend each month.

  1. Lower running costs and benefit in kind

If you then look at the running costs, electric vehicles win hands down.  They are substantially cheaper to recharge in comparison to filling up at the pump – and that’s whether you charge at home or at a public charging point.  If you opt for pure electric, they also have zero emissions, so they have no road tax.  If you prefer to look at a hybrid, they will also generally have lower emissions, so will have low or no road tax.

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Choosing a vehicle today can save you a lot of money. Electric and Hybrid vehicles can significantly reduce BIK tax not to mention fuel savings.

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As a business owner, that makes your fleet is cheaper to run each month and if you are leasing for your employees, it also means less benefit in kind tax for them.  For those who are unfamiliar with benefit in kind, it is how much your staff are charged in tax each month for the benefit of having a company car.  As you can see in our previous article (link), the move to electric substantially reduces the monthly charge for a vehicle of the same initial price, so your staff get to take home more of their pay.

  1. Concerned about charging and running out of power? Don’t be - new models are much better.

For most people their biggest concern about the move to electric vehicles is the worry about where to charge it and running out of charge.  Thankfully newer electric vehicles can travel much further now without needing to be charged with most pure electric cars advertising they can travel around 150-390 miles between charges.  Charging stations are also starting to pop up on streets in cities and towns, in supermarket car parks, at motorway services and at petrol stations.  Across the UK, the law is starting to change to require more charging points to be available in public places.  For those who would rather charge their cars at home, the government has introduced grants as an incentive to reduce or remove the cost of purchasing and installing a home charger.  Some of our leasing deals also include a free home charger as part of the offer.  With the mileage range increasing and the charging points increasing, charging no longer needs to factor in your considerations about moving to an electric vehicle.

  1. Doing your bit for the planet

As individuals we all have a choice to make whether we want to try to help the planet.  Most of us are relatively conscientious about trying to be good at things like recycling, not running our utilities more than we need to etc.  Choosing an electric vehicle is another personal choice that will help reduce your carbon footprint.

For businesses, the decision might be one you are thinking about or have already committed to and electric vehicles may just be the next step in saving more CO2 each year so that you can say you are a responsible business.  It’s important to note that while doing so, you are also reducing your running costs – so it’s definitely a win, win option.

  1. All the normal packages and optional extras are still available

Just because you opt for electric vehicles doesn’t mean you lose all the things you want and need from your previous leasing model.  Maintenance packages can be part of the package so that you always know what your ongoing running costs are going to be.  Fleet tracking can be added if required and if you like some added extras on your vehicle, that can always be arranged.

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