Jane Williams

Jane Williams 1

“Professional from start to finish”

– Jane Williams


Paddy had supplied a couple of vehicles to Jane in the past. The last one was a Kia Sportage 2 model.

At the time Jane had been driving an Audi A1 and wanted to get a bigger car that would fit child seats in the back and offer more boot space. We looked at some options but she had her heart set on the Kia from the start.


When we spoke to Jane about her renewal we were told how much she loved her current car and she’d be happy going for another one, same again!

We offered to have a look to see if there were any deals about just in case something else caught her eye.

After searching the market we came to the conclusion that the Sportage was offering the best value for money in an SUV that size.

Jane Williams 2


The new Kia Sportage interior had a few upgrades as well as some styling enhancements on the outside.

This pretty much made up her mind that the Sportage was the winner once again. It was a case of… ‘if it’s not broken, why fix it’ so we arranged the finance and ordered her car.

We had a few weeks to wait on delivery which gave us time to arrange for some paintwork to be done to the old car and booked collection at the Kia dealership for the day after getting the new car. This meant she could jump out of the old and straight in to the new.

With Covid-19 restricting us in giving full handovers of car, it didn’t matter so much with this one as everything was familiar.

Jane Williams 3

Jane Williams stated - Professional from start to finish making everything as easy as possible from finding the car, to trading in and handover. A very happy customer of Carmercial Leasing - would highly recommend.

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