Jenna Harkin


“Made the process so easy for me as a customer”

– Jenna Harkin


Jenna had been following us on social media and had also got referred to us through friends and family.

They were expecting their 3rd child and need to get a larger family car. Jenna hadn’t leased before but her husband Ciaran was familiar with the concept as they leased all of their business vehicles.


With baby No.3 arriving in the very near future, Jenna was keen to get the car sooner rather than later. Her preference was a 7-Seater but also one that could fit 3 car seats along the middle row of seats. This can be a tight squeeze in most cars but really depends on the seats themselves.

Jenna had been researching some cars online when a Peugeot 5008 review (BIK) caught her eye. Also a friend had one of these and spoke highly of it. We agreed it would be a good choice and had a look to see what stock we could find.



Jenna was very keen on the Peugeot 5008 gt line but we were struggling to find a car quickly. Also there was quite a price hike up from the Allure model which actually came very well spec’d.

We ran quotes on both and it was decided the Allure was actually better value and had enough bells and whistles for what she needed.

A car became available fairly quickly so we got the finance sorted out, car ordered and even got it delivered before No.3 arrived!


Jenna stated – “Paddy helped me with my new car and was professional, efficient and ensured everything went smoothly and made the process so easy for me as a customer. Thanks for all your help Paddy”

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