Outright Purchase/Straight Sale

The majority of new vehicles we supply will be done so with one of our finance packages. Business and Personal Contract Hire tend to be the most popular and most cost efficient way of doing so. Whilst we do more PCP and HP finance for used cars, we can also offer them on new vehicles too.

We understand at times it may be beneficial for your company (or you personally) to buy a vehicle outright. This may be down to you having savings, inheritance or maybe your company is cash rich and you want to reduce a tax bill. Others may just prefer to do it this way and that’s ok with us too!

We have the ability to offer discounts on new vehicles on a straight sale basis. We deal with a large network of main dealerships and finance houses. A lot of offers will be tied to a finance agreement and therefore can’t be sold on a straight sale basis.

However, many funders will allow us to purchase the vehicle from them with a generous fleet discount. We can usually sell the vehicle to you at a cheaper rate than you would get from a main dealer.

Whether it’s a business or personal vehicle we can also offer a full maintenance package even without having finance on the car. This can be very useful for companies but private drivers can benefit too.

It's not just Personal and Business Contract Hire we do!

We also offer PCP, HP, Finance Lease and Outright Purchase.

Our finance packages can be tailored to fund your new or used vehicle.