Pearson & Sally Morris

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“Paddy is knowledgeable and honest with his advice”

– Pearson & Sally Morris


Paddy had supplied Pearson with a Mercedes GLE and Sally a VW Golf in the past. Pearson is head chef/ owner at Noble restaurant in Holywood. Both have very busy careers and had recently had their second child. They had found previously that dealing with a leasing company to source vehicles saved a lot of time and hassle.

As the Golf lease was due to end, Sally got in touch to see what her options were.

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Growing up, their family had VW’s and she enjoyed the great build quality and drive with her current one. Now having another child to cater for, a little extra space wouldn’t go a miss.

A vw tiguan r line would be the dream but Sally did so little mileage she couldn’t justify the extra cost above the Golf.

We went away to crunch some figures concentrating on the VW range to see what could work. Quite often there will be offers on what you’re looking for but other times the finance may just work out very keen – this happens a lot when leasing!


The vw t-roc dimensions are slightly bigger than the Golf that it’s based on. Sally had also expressed an interest in this car. Being fairly new to the market it also seemed like natural progression from her car.

We ran the finance and were even able to secure a loyalty discount on the car. As we had a few months until the changeover date, we factory ordered the car and arranged delivery to coincide with the old one going back.

Pearson stated - “Paddy did a great job sourcing the perfect car for me and there were no issues at all. He organised everything and even gave us a lift to go and pick it up. Paddy is knowledgeable and honest with his advice - I would definitely recommend Carmercial Leasing if you are thinking about getting a new car.”

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