Steve Morrison


“From start to finish the whole process was seamless”

– Steve Morrison


Steve was in the process of selling out of his company to set up another on his own. He got in touch with CARMERCIAL Leasing after seeing us on social media. He had a bmw 6 series lease through the old company but had to hand it back. As the new company was only in the process of being set up, he wanted to go for a Personal Contract Hire on the next car.


Steve had mentioned that he found the 6-Series too big and a nuisance to park. He also didn’t need such a big car but enjoyed having a bit of power under the bonnet along with the comfort and build quality you get with a BMW.

Hot Hatch I hear you say? Well yes this is the way the conversation went. Something small, comfortable, fast and fun to drive!

Hot Hatches can vary with some having very ‘in your face’ styling that usually attracts the younger drivers. Some are set up so they can tackle a track day but you compromise comfort with very firm suspension. We needed a more subtle hot hatch that could do all of that but not rattle your bones with every crack in the road!

We had just the answer!



After searching what offers may suit, one jumped out straight away in the form of a golf r lease! With around 300bhp, 4wd and a 0-60mph time of 4.8s this certainly ticked a lot of boxes. The Golf R is also an incredibly comfortable and easy car to drive around town or on the limit (at a track day of course!).

The car has more subtle styling with only the ‘R’ bumpers and 4 exhaust pipes giving away the fact this isn’t a standard TDI! No over-the-top body kits that make it look like it’s going to take off!

It didn’t take much convincing for Steve! We got the finance in place and ordered the car. A couple of weeks later it was sitting in his drive!


Steve stated “ Can’t thank Paddy enough for sourcing my car. From start to finish the whole process was seamless .I would highly recommend Paddy to anyone”

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