Louise McLarnon


“The whole process was made so simple”

Louise McLarnon


The McLarnon family are valued customers of CARMERCIAL Leasing. We have supplied cars and vans for one of the family businesses – MCL Fire. That then lead to us leasing a Mercedes GLC to Louise’s husband Damian.

So, when the time came for Louise to get a new car, she knew who to call! Her current Jeep Cherokee was approaching the end of its PCP and Louise was keen to see what we could offer.


When we looked at the end date of the current car we realised it was a little further away than we first thought. Having got the itch to change, we looked in to ending the agreement early. Luckily Louise was far enough through her contract and we were able to assist in closing off that finance and looking at a new agreement.

Our next port of call was to find some good offers that would suit Louise’s taste and budget. Having had a sensible family car before, she was keen to get something a bit sportier and most of all something a bit more fun!

We suggested an offer we had running on the VW Golf R which was within budget and ticked all the boxes. Having had a Golf several years back she knew it was a good solid car and great to drive. Having 300bhp under the bonnet in a top spec model there was no doubt she’d like this little rocket ship!



We always have a wide range of cars for personal lease and continuous flow of offers. Matching a customer to one of these offers is a great outcome for both of us as we are providing unbelievable deals and the customer is getting a lot more bang for their buck! This was the case with the Golf R!


Louise stated: I would recommend Paddy to anyone looking a new car. I didn’t really know what car I wanted but Paddy searched all cars that I had mentioned and came back with the car of my dreams (and in my budget ). The whole process was made so simple by Paddy. Nothing is any trouble for this guy and he delivered my new car to my front door. Carmercial Leasing can source and fund all makes and models of car, van and pick-up. New and Used, to Purchase or Lease, we will find the right deal for you.

There has never been a better time to look at Vehicle Financing options so why not give us a call and see if we can find you the car of your dreams at an affordable monthly repayment.

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