Carol mcewan



Carol loved her old Hyundai i10 but unfortunately its small size became an issue. With several grandkids in car seats it was time to get something bigger. Not only that, her daughter had expressed concerns about the safety of such a small car with kids on board.

Carol got in touch with Carmercial Leasing to ask if we had any Used Car Deals. She is now retired and does very little mileage and wanted to purchase a car that would last her for a long time.


Our task was to find something bigger than an i10 but not too big. Carols garage is quite narrow and on-street parking is quite tight. The car must have 5 doors, safe for the kids and easy to run. Low mileage and great value for money also high up on the list!


We were also able to offer several SEAT Lease deals that were running but after discussing Carols requirements, we both agreed that buying a vehicle was the best option for her.

Using our contacts throughout the local dealer network we were able to source an 18 month old SEAT Leon with low mileage and MASSIVE savings on a new one.

Carol stated -  ‘I am so delighted! Can't thank you enough Paddy for putting in all those hours to find me the perfect car. My daughter is pleased as punch that her kids will be ferried around in something so solid and I can't wait to get going on the motorway! I'm touched at how much effort you put into this and for staying so closely in touch with me through it all. I can't recommend you enough.

Happy customers make us happy too!

We know how exciting it is to get a new car. It's our mission to make it an enjoyable and hassle free experience.