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We can help keep you and your business on the road with a fresh fleet of vehicles!


For Your Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are used in most industries throughout the world. They are vital for the day to day operations for so many businesses and have evolved over time to do the jobs we can't.

The technology incorporated in to these vehicles has advanced greatly in recent years improving time and efficiency for our businesses. However, these often large vehicles, packed with technology come at a cost. The investment in such vehicles is usually necessary for your business to progress and certainly modern machines will offer better reliability and lower running costs than older models.

With recessions and pandemics battering the economy we find most of our clients seek stronger financial security by keeping capital safe in their bank accounts. We can offer flexible and affordable funding solutions for you fleet to help spread the cost of your vehicles.

Commercial vehicles usually offer more finance options over other assets. Call today for a friendly chat on how we could help your business.

Lorries (HGV's)
Vans (LCVs)
Recovery trucks
Concrete Mixers

Please note that whilst this list is extensive it is not exhaustive. Please contact us with any Asset queries you may have.

Finance products for Commercial Vehicles

Hire Purchase

HP is a secured loan on your asset. It allows to acquire the asset immediately with a small deposit. You pay monthly instalments over the agreed term which spreads the cost of your investment. At the end of the term you can pay a nominal 'option to purchase' fee and you will own the asset outright.

HP helps keep capital in your business making it easier to budget. It is a popular finance product for businesses looking to purchase machinery, vehicles. Construction and agricultural equipment.

Capital Release

Refinancing the current assets on your balance sheet is a great way to get a cash injection in to your business. We buy the asset from you and you buy it back from us on a Hire Purchase agreement over an agreed term.

Improved cash flow and available funds can be used to acquire additional assets or put to use in any part of your business you choose. At the end of the refinance term you will once again own the asset.

Finance Lease

A finance lease can be set up as a full pay out agreement or with a balloon payment on the end. This allows you to acquire the asset without having to buy it outright. You chose what deposit you'd like to pay and the length or term. Rentals are paid each month and at the end of the contract you can return the asset to the funder, sell and keep a portion of the income or continue using the asset in a secondary rental period.

This flexible finance agreement provides a low initial outlay, VAT can be reclaimed on rentals and the cost can be offset against pre-tax profits.

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease or Contract Hire as it's also known allows you to rent the asset over an agreed term. A residual value (rv) is set by the funder based on the value of the asset at the end of the term.

Payments will be lower than that of an HP as you are only funding the depreciation of the asset during the time you have it, not the full cost of the asset as you would do if financing to own. At the end of the term you hand the asset back and walk away meaning you have less hassle trying to sell or trade-in the  for a new one.

Keep your business on the road with a fresh fleet of vehicles!

Commercial vehicles are vital for the day to day operations for so many businesses and have evolved over time to do the jobs we can't.

Our funding solutions can help keep your commercial vehicle fleet fresh.