Contract Hire

The most popular form of motor finance on the market and it’s growing faster by the day. Smaller deposit and lower payments compared to buying a vehicle; along with the ability to change more frequently makes it an appealing choice for today’s drivers.

Contract Hire is essentially a long term rental where you lease the vehicle over 24-48 months and hand it back at the end. You never take ownership so don’t need to worry about reselling or trading it in thus avoiding depreciation. When compared to other finance packages this is generally the cheapest form of funding for new vehicles.

Our finance packages are completely flexible to your needs and are available as a Business Contract Hire (BCH) or Personal Contract Hire (PCH).

You Choose...

Any car, van or pick-up you like.

Your required specification.

Length of term: 24-48 months.

Annual mileage: 6,000-50,000 miles per annum (depending on funder).

To add a full maintenance package - servicing, tyres, brakes, etc.

Upfront payment/deposit - more upfront = lower payments or put No deposit and spread it over the term.

You Get...

A new vehicle every 24-48 months.

Hassle free motoring - No haggling at the end to sell or trade your car in.

Fixed cost rentals.

Optional maintenance package - One monthly payment and no surprise servicing costs!

Road tax (RFL) for the life of the contract.

No depreciation worries when it's time to change.

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Business Customers...

Reclaim VAT on your rentals.

Improve cash flow - Off balance sheet funding; keep capital in your business!

Reduced admin.

Fresh vehicles on your fleet - Company image is important!

One point of contact for all your motoring needs.

Most businesses will now contract hire their vehicles. The lower lease payments compared to buying will be a big attraction to anyone; but the convenience of this type of set-up is just as valuable!

With road tax included in all lease deals; adding a fully maintained contract means you have one single payment for your vehicle that covers everything. No hidden costs make it easier to budget for your fleet.

The same applies to personal cars. People love this modern convenience of having a single payment for their car and are able to renew to a brand new model more often.

The beauty of handing back at the end means you don’t have to worry about selling or trading in when it’s time to change again. Tyre kickers are a nuisance and trade-in prices are never what we want them to be.

Lastly, one of the biggest draws to leasing has to be the multitude of offers available. At any one time we will have access to dozens if not hundreds of special offers meaning more often than not, our customers will drive away in a higher spec car than they thought possible for their budget. That makes us as happy as you!

It's not just Personal and Business Contract Hire we do!

We also offer PCP, HP, Finance Lease and Outright Purchase.

Our finance packages can be tailored to fund your new or used vehicle.