Hire Purchase (HP)

HP is one of the more traditional forms of motor finance but has seen a decrease in recent times due to the popularity in leasing. Effectively HP is a loan secured on your vehicle, deposit paid upfront and payments spread over a set time. These will be higher but you will own the vehicle at the end of the contract.

Deposit - generally 10% minimum on the cost of the vehicle but uncapped.

You choose your length of term - usually 24 - 60 months.

Fixed payments and rates of interest throughout the contract.

No balloon payment.

Vehicle is owned by you once the last payment is made.

We can offer HP finance on brand new cars and commercials vehicles. We know leasing may not always be suitable for your business or personal needs.

Using our wide range of contacts we will endeavour to get the best fleet discounts on your vehicle; and marry it up with our competitive finance rates.

HP is available for both personal and business vehicles.

Leasing has overtaken HP when financing a brand new vehicle. However we continue to use this product more often to finance used vehicles.

For example, if you have found a 2 year old car in a main dealership or used-car garage, they will be able to offer you finance in-house.  However it is important to pay attention to the APR (%) rate on the quotation. These tend to be much higher than what we can offer. We all know the fancy ‘free’ coffee in the nice coffee dock isn’t really free!

If you have received a quote like this, you are within your rights to take it away and check out your own finance. In this instance – GIVE US A CALL!!

We will run the figures on our system and give you our best price. If it works out cheaper and you’d like to proceed, we will contact the dealer and arrange the finance on your behalf. When credit is approved and paperwork signed, our funder will pay the garage for your car. We can then arrange for you to collect and drive away knowing you’ve got the best deal. You won't need to step foot in the showroom again. IT PAYS TO SHOP AROUND!!

Vehicle sourcing – Yep, we do that too! Same applies, if you want to buy a used vehicle but can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call. We have a lot of contacts we can use and may even be able to negotiate a trade discount for you!

It's not just Personal and Business Contract Hire we do!

We also offer PCP, HP, Finance Lease and Outright Purchase.

Our finance packages can be tailored to fund your new or used vehicle.