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A lot of our new customers are referred to us from existing clients. Word of mouth business is a big part of what we do and it ensures we keep our customer service levels as high as possible to ensure this continues.

Pam was in the market for a new car and had been referred to us by another one of our business customers that we have supplied several vehicles to.


Pam currently drove a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. It was an older model that was starting to cost a bit of money with regular maintenance repairs. As with a lot of older cars, small or sometimes big mechanical problem can lead to wasted time, hassle and usually large unwanted repair bills!

Having heard of others going down the route of leasing cars, Pam wated to explore what options were available on a contract hire. Being a business owner, she was able to look at doing the car through her company or going personal.

As her current car had been giving issues, she was keen to get a brand-new car that was covered under the manufacturers warranty should anything go wrong. Leasing was the most cost-effective way of doing this.



From the start Pam knew what she wanted – a brand new Range Rover Evoque Lease.

She wanted it in Black with black wheels and black leather. Going for the stealth look!

We talked through the various finance options and offered advice on a Personal Contract Hire versus a Business Contract Hire. Factoring in VAT, Benefit in Kind and offsetting against profits it was decided to put the car through the business.

We also arranged to take Pam’s existing Range Rover Evoque as a trade in. This saved any hassle of trying to sell the car privately. When the new car arrived we can time the swap over perfectly so our customers hop out of the old car and directly in to the new one meaning they’re not without a car for any time.


There has never been a better time to look at Vehicle Financing options so why not give us a call and see if we can find you the car of your dreams at an affordable monthly repayment.

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